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In-Home Consultation

Expert breastfeeding support in the privacy of your own home


While breastfeeding is natural, it involves some learning and plenty of practice. Whether you choose to breastfeed, pump, bottle feed or do a combination, I will nurture you, so you can nurture your baby at any stage.


I understand that you may not want to leave your home in the first couple of weeks for breastfeeding support, especially if you had a rough or medical birth.  


I help you get comfortable on your furniture to feed your baby and make adjustments if needed, for the most comfort and best results.  


If desired, I also show you how to breastfeed your baby lying down in the comfort of your own bed, so you can rest while meeting your baby's needs.  


I also cover safe co-sleeping rules according to the American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement and the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol, to let you both rest easily.

Your personalized in-home consultation usually includes the following:

  • History of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding experience so far

  • Weigh baby pre- and post-feeding using an electronic scale that is accurate to 2 grams

  • Perform oral assessment to identify any challenges that may exist

  • Observe feeding and make suggestions for improved comfort and milk transfer

  • Assess challenges, including additional responsibiities for mom, family needs, and plans to return to work 

  • Propose a course of action based on history and findings

  • Review proper pump usage, cleaning, breast milk storage options, and custom fit parts to mom

  • Learn to nurse lying down, if desired

  • Provide you with a written Care Plan covering the consultation (so you don't have to remember everything!)  that we will adjust as things improve

  • Supply two copies of my receipt that includes insurance codes to submit for reimbursement

  • Provide a detailed professional report to your doctor and your baby's doctor as needed

  • Follow-up phone calls and emails are included in the cost of this visit, so we stay in touch!

  • Payment options:  I accept cash, check or debit/credit cards, including health savings account cards.  

Concerned about the cost?

Unexpected expenses are always hard to handle.  This article explains the value of getting qualified help from an IBCLC, versus someone less qualified:  Are Lactation Consultants Too Pricey?

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