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No need to go this alone.

Whether you're struggling as a new mother or you already breastfed many babies without a hitch, sometimes you just need a little help.  I provide nurturing supportive help in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  The cost is typically covered by your health insurance with no co-pay or deductible.  Be sure to click on the Insurance Info button above to learn how to take full advantage of your insurance benefits.


Who am I?

I've been there, done that, got the soggy stained T-shirt!  I've had the scorching nipples and dreaded the next feeding.  I breastfed through flat nipples, nipple shields, crazy engorgement, oversupply, colicky baby, undiagnosed tongue tie and lip tie, countless plugged ducts, repeated mastitis, bottle refusal, food allergies, and contemplated weaning every. single. day.

Let me help you!  I've been exclusively helping families with breastfeeding for the past 20 years and maintain the highest accreditation in the lactation field, re-certifying every five years.  Along with thousands of continuing education credits, here are a few of my credentials:

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2005


  • Member of the International Lactation Consultants Association since 2005


  • Member of the United States Lactation Consultants Association since its creation in 2013


  • Member of the Central Arizona Lactation Consultants Association since 2005

             Librarian/Information Technology Specialist 2006-2014


  • Member of the Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition since 2006

            Secretary 2006-2008

            Treasurer 2014-2016


  • Member of the United States Breastfeeding Committee


  • Active La Leche League Leader 1998-2013

            Group treasurer 1998-2001

            Assistant Coordinator of Leader Accreditation, 1999-2004

  • Fully insured through CM&F Group

"Debbie was so incredibly helpful to me, my son, and our breastfeeding needs.  I cannot say enough positive things about her.  Not only did she help us the first month with a latch problem (which ended up being something as simple as positioning), but she was so helpful and knowledgeable with so many other subjects as well.


"Being a first time mom, it was so helpful to have someone to turn to for help.  I wanted to be successful in breastfeeding with my son and was afraid it wasn't going to work out until I contacted her.  Now we've been going strong for 12 months." 

"Without her help, I believe I would have given up and quit breastfeeding my son, and I'm so glad I didn't allow that to happen."


Ciji and Cooper

You need my help if:
  • You want to know if you're "doing it right"

  • You heard about tongue and lip tie and suspect...

  • Your nipples are sore

  • Your baby is not latching comfortably

  • Your baby is not latching at all

  • Your baby is not gaining weight well

  • Your baby is fussy at or away from the breast

  • You don't think your baby is getting enough milk

  • You're concerned about milk supply

  • Your pediatrician recommended it

  • You've experienced plugged ducts and/or mastitis

  • You're dreading the next feeding

  • You need help with learning to use your breast pump

  • Pumping hurts or you're not getting results

  • You're planning to return to work or school

  • Your baby was born early, either premature or even "near term"
  • Adoptive or surrogate breastfeeding or chestfeeding

  • Special situations: PCOS, Breastfeeding after breast surgery

  • You want a better breastfeeding experience this time

  • Breastfeeding challenges may come along later:

    • Food sensitivities

    • Colic

    • Pump struggles related to working

    • Breastfeeding rejection

    • Bottle rejection

    • Teething challenges

    • Latent low milk supply

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