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Choosing the Right Pump: Different Pumps Fit Different Needs


Baby is not feeding directly from the breast

Baby gets more than half of his milk from a bottle

You have a sensitive milk supply that drops easily

You are trying to increase your supply

You are depending on t...

Fun fact:  Baby takes the same amount of breast milk at six weeks as he takes at three months, six months, and beyond!  If you suddenly discover you're struggling to satisfy your older baby, it's not because his needs have increased.

After helping families breastfe...

Very important:  Choose the right pump for the job!

Rent a pump...

  • If your baby is not feeding directly from the breast

  • If baby gets more than half of his milk from a bottle

  • If you have a sensitive milk supply that drops easily

  • If you are trying to inc...

Giving a bottle to a breastfed baby:

  1. Hold baby sitting upright on your lap, as straight as possible.

  2. Gently rest the side of the nipple against baby’s chin and upper lip, so it's pointing up his nose, until baby opens wide like a yawn -- use his reflexes to hel...

You made the decision to breastfeed your baby.  You told all your friends and family, read all of the websites and books, and maybe even took a breastfeeding class (or three!).  None of that matters now, because you’re exhausted, sore from birth, overwhelmed, the baby...

Your baby’s due date is approaching rapidly and you’ve already made the decision that you’re going to breastfeed.  What can you do now to ensure you can meet your breastfeeding goals?


Learn about breastfeeding.  This seems pretty intuitive but lots of moms, including m...

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What to do when breastfeeding isn't working out

May 1, 2013

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May 5, 2018

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“Without her her, I believe I would have quit breastfeeding my son, and I'm so glad I didn't allow that to happen. 

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