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Thank you for putting your trust in me!

Before I come...

How to prepare for your home visit:


  • PLEASE don't tidy up  yourself or your house for me!   I'm just the hired help, not Martha Stewart.

  • Include your partner or a friend or family member, someone who has been supporting you.  A second set of eyes and ears during the visit is always a helpful reminder after I've left.

  • Wear whatever you want -- pajamas are fine!  A nursing tank, top, or bra that allows easy access would be great.  Or you can go all "Nat Geo" topless, you do you.  Again, I'm here to help, not judge.

  • Try to eat something before I come, so you can focus on our visit instead of your growling tummy.

  • If your older kiddos or your critters are acting a little too protective or they might try to compete for my attention, you may want to make special arrangements for them, so you can concentrate on the visit -- your choice, I'm flexible.


  • Try to have your baby interested in feeding but not ravenously hungry (you can give partial feeds the hour before I arrive, if needed, to keep baby content).  Don't panic if your baby's feeding patterns are suddenly unpredictable, life happens.

  • If you have been supplementing or have been advised to supplement by your pediatrician, have some expressed milk, donor milk, or formula ready.  We may need them during the visit.

  • Have your pump and its parts ready to use if you have one, in case you have any questions about pumping.  Whether you haven't even put together your breast pump yet or you're a pumping veteran, I can provide valuable information for best success and comfort.


  • Write out any questions that come to mind and have them available to make sure we cover them all; it's okay if you think of questions later, since you can always call, text, or email me!  

  • If your breastfeeding journey so far has been quite complicated, it will help both of us if you jot down a timeline of events and email it to me the day before our visit, so I can hit the ground running when we meet.


  • These services should be covered by your insurance company, thanks to the Affordable Care Act!  Call your insurance if you plan on submitting for reimbursement.  The claim will be processed more smoothly if you start the process before I arrive.  See my Insurance Questions page for more information on getting reimbursed quickly and easily.

  • After the visit I encourage you to stay in touch by phone, text, or email.  The Care Plan I give you should help guide you, but it can't cover everything.  We cover a lot during our visit, so if you get confused about something we talked about, or if you thought of new questions, please let me know so I can help -- I'm here for you.  I would rather you ask rather than worry and wonder.  I also love hearing updates, good and bad, so I can continue to guide you to success!

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